Our Philosophy

Excessive scar formation during the healing process impedes tissue repair and regeneration, and represents a significant healthcare burden. Celericon provides novel solutions to improve tissue regeneration and to reduce scar formation.

Our Science

Celericon has developed a technology to preserve the immunomodulatory capacity and the neuroprotective potential of MSCs in a novel, cell-free therapeutic. Our vesicular secretome fractions positively modulate tissue regeneration and suppress scar formation.

Our Focus Areas

At Celericon we focus on the treatment of traumatic or chronic bone and tendon diseases and on the protection of neuronal tissue following acute spinal cord injury or during cochlear implant surgery.

Our Company

Celericon Therapeutics is a subsidiary of the Paracelsus Medical University in Salzburg, Austria that manufactures off-the-shelf biopharmaceuticals based on Exosomes (small extracellular vesicles).

Mario Gimona
Michael Stergar
Andreas Traweger