CelericonĀ“s Exosome-containing vesicular secretome fractions (VSF) modulate the regeneration and biomechanical parameters at the healing site and efficiently suppress scar formation. Celericon's VSF product is based on Exosomes (small extracellular vesicles), which enhance the regeneration and healing of bone and tendon-insertion tissue. Exosomes are secreted by stem cell-like multipotent stromal cells (MSCs) known to exert beneficial functions in stem cell therapy via immune modulation and stimulation of tissue regeneration.

The product is manufactured from in vitro expanded umbilical cord tissue-derived MSCs, stored in a ready-to-inject clinically approved solution and can be applied directly to the site of injury during surgical intervention

We have a robust Proof-of-Concept (PoC) for our Exosome preparations. Since 2016 we have conducted extensive animal studies in a suitable rat model for critical-size bone defect repair. Treatment with human MSC-derived VSF loaded onto a collagen scaffold resulted in the enhanced formation of bone tissue in a rat femoral critical size defect model. No notable immunological reactions were recorded.

CelericonĀ“s Exosome-containing VSF preparations also positively influence the regeneration and biomechanical parameters of tendon-to-bone insertion sites.

We have further determined the immunomodulatory capacity of our preparation in in vitro tests and have compelling in vitro and in vivo data on the neuroprotective potential of our Exosome-containing VSF preparations.